A Second Method for Trapping Feral Swarms
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My second choice of swarm trap would be the wood nuc box.  These boxes pictured here are homemade and hold six frames.  Five frames will also work well.

A simple 1x4 screwed on the side using sheet rock screws will hold the trap on a nail driven into the side of a tree.  Or if you don't like the idea of driving nails into living trees, you can use the 1x4 and some baling twine.

A disadvantage is the weight, especially when you put in a ten-pound swarm of honeybees who got a jump on your inspection trips and have started storing nectar.

The roof of these nuc boxes is a sheet of 1/4" plywood screwed down with 5/8" sheet rock screws.  To remove the swarm, I smoke the entrance, then take out the screws with a cordless drill.

These traps are unpainted, and they do warp a little.  Paint is probably in order.  However, they are excellent for giving the bees a darkened environment that they find very attractive.  They also hold six brood frames which makes the transfer of bees out of the trap and into a brood box quite easy.

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